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Jimmy LeeMade by a Musician

Hi, my name is Jim Lee and I'm a musician & visual artist. I was born-n-raised in midwest Ohio, and I live in California. I started playing the violin at five and now play the bass, guitar & drums.

In the past, I played guitar for the Unknown, a punk band. Then I played bass in a blues rock trio called Slick Feet. Next was the Dempsey Project, in which I was the singer/drummer.

I used to paint a lot and have created a ton of songs. One of my favorite things to do is write & record music...I've been recording since 1991. I'm pretty much really busy as a technology educator & commercial multimedia producer. I plan to concentrate on art and music I hope to have fresh, new content soon.

Guitar & Bass Products




Why I created products

I created products as results of insights from playing music. I then pursued the money aspect of selling a product. I feel fortunate that I'm offered the opportunity to pursue an income from creativity.

The products were conceived from a "what if?" philosophy.

  • My first product was FunkyChops. After viewing & using traditional bass instruction, I noticed that a lot were theoretical and non-intuative. As a Suzuki violin-method learner, I was mostly accustomed to playing-by-ear as opposed to theory. I do not undervalue the need for theory, but I feel that ear playing certainly is important. I wanted FunkyChops to have a bass player friend approach. Suppose you had a friend who played a riff. You say "cool, I like that...can you play it again slower?" Sure, with FunkyChops you can, it offers three speeds.
  • SuperChords was the result of using guitar chord videos, books & CD's. I noticed that you couldn't really create your own song if you didn't know the chord first. Even if you just learned a chord, that doesn't necessarily mean you have developed the facility to play the new chord in a creative progression. SuperChords reverses the traditional way of learning. It allows you to hear chords, in any order you choose, so you can create your own progression to learn. After you've chosen the chords by ear, you can then learn the features tablature, audio & images. The photos are different than most guitar books. They feature angles of hand positions from the guitarist's point of view.
  • The QuickBeat Human Drummer V1 drum machine software was created while practicing bass guitar. It seemed that most drum machines were difficult to use and they sounded very mechanical. On top of that, they usually cost over $200. As a musician, if all you wanted to do was jam or practice, you'd probably want something more simple and affordable. The QuickBeat drum machine is all that and better... it features real, live human drummers. I like to say that it's the next best thing to playing with a real drummer.
  • I'll add more to this page when I have time... very busy, gotta stop typing now. I'm always working on new stuff... please visit for a list of current offerings.


Thanks for supporting non-corporate products made in the USA.

What's Next? More art & music. Coming soon.



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